Here are the current response efforts taken by WENDLAND ROOF SOLUTIONS in relation to COVID-19. These outcomes are following an extensive review (from Board level throughout the entire business) and assessment of risk. Internal personnel will be communicated with, on a one to one basis during our phased return. This bespoke communication / interaction will carry specific information related to their role, duties and / or personal circumstances.

COVID-19 Key Point Summary                                          Response Staying COVID-19 Secure

Wendland Roof Solutions reserve the right to amend this information without warning or official notification. This information will be updated at least weekly. Updates may, on occasion, happen quicker due to internal improvements, updated government guidance, or indeed any advice Wendland Roof Solutions find helpful in our effort to ensure our colleagues, customers and any other party whom may be affected by our operations are kept safe.

If you have any questions, please visit the Contact Us section on our website.